Personalized Handmade Rustico Large Leather Writer's Log Refillable Journal Notebook

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Great gift idea! Made in the USA the Refillable Writers Log is based on an original classic, improved with a finishing stitch and slots to make it refillable. Secured with a flap-tie style closure for extra protection. Comes with a 192 page lined insert to get you started. The top-grain hides are American sourced and the leather will carry the battle scars of the animal that wore it first. Barbed wire scratches and other hide-scarring encounters are left as a fitting tribute. Handmade in the USA.

DETAILS - Saddle Color - Dimensions: 6.75" x 8.75". Holds a 6" x 8" sized notebook (included). Refillable notebook with 192 lined pages and a flap-tie closure. Made from top-grain cowhide.

Handling will soften the leather over time. Be patient. Its ruggedness will grow in character with you. Don't be afraid of a scuff. Lick your finger. Rub it in. The oils from your skin shape the patina's look over time. So go ahead and handle it! Avoid leaving leather for extended periods of time in direct sunlight or extreme heat.